The Decline: ‘You have to think for yourself’


The Decline are a punk band from Western Australia that formed in 2006. They “deliver catchy, melodic speedy punk rock, with humorous and socially aware lyrics”, says. They have opened for groups such as Frenzal Rhomb, No Fun at All and the Flatliners.

The Decline released their first full-length album, I’m Not Gonna Lie To You, in September 2009. Green Left Weekly’s Chris Peterson spoke to The Decline about the album. You can find out more, and buy the album, at their website.

* * *

Your new album has a major theme of lying.

The name I’m Not Gonna Lie To You seemed to fit the 13 tracks on the album really well.

We wrote the album songs over the period of about a year-and-a-half. During that time, we were learning a lot about issues such as animal rights, racism, and war.

The album title and songs on the album are our way of saying that if you want to see how the world really works, you can’t believe everything you’re told. You have to look into things more and think for yourself.

What was it like recording the album in the US?

Best three weeks ever. It was awesome to be recording in such a high quality studio, and to have Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore [veteran punk producers] work on it.

We learnt a lot of things about music that you can’t learn anywhere else. We’re all better musicians and hoping to work with the crew from Blasting Room [a punk recording studio built by members of legendary bands such as Black Flag and the Descendents] again in the future.

You’ve got a song called “Homophobes are Gay”. What do you think of Julia Gillard’s recent statements in support of the ban on same-sex marriage?

We believe that same-sex marriage should be allowed, as you can probably tell by the song. But it’ll probably be a while before it’s brought in.

Gillard might not be homophobic. A lot of the time, politicians have to put aside their own personal views and sacrifice certain issues to get voted in to make positive changes elsewhere.

What’s your message to young people in the lead up to the elections?

Don’t waste your vote.