CPSU says reject ATO deal

Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) members in the Australian Taxation Office have voted to reject management's latest proposed enterprise agreement. As a result, the CPSU has launched a campaign for a "no" vote in the all-staff ballot to take place over November 9-15.

Management is still offering a pay rise of only 9% over three years. The CPSU has produced posters highlighting the discrepancy between this 3% a year offer to workers and the 58% rise that Tax Commissioner Michael D'Ascenzo has sought from the Remuneration Tribunal.

These posters have been very popular and many workers have put them up at their workstations.

A campaign of industrial action by customs workers dissatisfied with management's initial offer of 9% over three years has resulted in a new offer. An October 27 CPSU bulletin reports that, while the new proposal is complicated, all workers would get at least 10.3% over three years and the average would be 10.94%.

The CPSU’s bargaining team has recommended its members accept this offer.

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