Colombia: Urgent solidarity appeal


The below appeal for solidarity has been issued by Peace and Justice for Colombia (PJFC), . Liliany Obando was a featured international guest at the Latin America and Asia International Solidarity Forum held in Melbourne over October 11-14 last year. Obando has been contracted to carry out work for Agricultural Workers Union Federation (FENSUAGRO), although she was never an official representative or member of a leadership body of the union.

We write to you with a request for urgent action in solidarity with Liliany Obando, who on August 8 was arrested by Colombian government forces.

Obando has been detained on charges of "rebellion" against the state — a catch-all charge that is regularly used to imprison those who speak out against the government for long periods without trial. "Rebellion" also allows the regime to smear those accused of it as being "terrorists" and helps to delegitimise their work.

PJFC seeks your urgent solidarity action and asks you to write to the Colombian authorities to protest against this act of persecution — to demand her immediate release from custody, the dropping of all the alleged charges against her and for the government of Colombia to guarantee her safety and well being.

We also ask you to send letters of support to the Committee of Solidarity with Political Prisoners ( to;, and cc your messages to