Climate Crisis: National Day of Action Geelong



10:30am Saturday 22 February


Join the Climate Crisis National Day of Action event in Geelong!

Sat Feb 22, 10.30am, Transvaal Square, 1 Yarra Street, Geelong, 3220.

2019 was the year the climate crisis became impossible to ignore for millions.

Now savage fires are devastating peoples’ lives, water shortages are pushing many towns to crisis point, millions have endured weeks or months of hazardous air quality, and over a billion native animals have been killed.

Yet Morrison still refuses to accept the reality of climate change, wrecked the global climate negotiations in December 2019, and doesn't want to pay the people fighting the fires or expand resources for fire fighting. Funding for recovery is important but is not enough – we need to address the cause of this climate crisis and start making drastic reductions to greenhouse gas emissions in Australia and globally. Australia must lead international efforts to reduce emissions, not block them.

A new alliance of groups has been formed called Climate Justice Alliance.

We initiated a call to support a National Day of Climate Action on Saturday 22 February, demanding government action and investment on a scale to match the current climate crisis, including:

1. 100% renewable energy – No new fossil fuel or nuclear projects. End subsidies to these industries. Zero emissions by 2030. Build a 100% publicly owned renewable energy system by 2030. Phase out fossil fuel industries by 2030.
2. A just transition for communities and guaranteed jobs for affected fossil fuel workers. Fund good low emissions jobs in transport, manufacturing, disaster relief, health, education, energy and climate adaptation
3. Fund our firies – support communities and affected animals. Increase funding and resources to cope with longer and more intense fire seasons. Pay rural firefighters and reverse cuts to parks and fire services. Guaranteed homes and jobs for fire-affected communities. Guaranteed funding and support for all animals affected by the fires.
4. First nations justice. Funding for Indigenous-led land management with jobs on country to repair ecosystems, reduce emissions and reduce fire risk. Land and water rights for Indigenous peoples.
5. Make the Climate Criminals pay - Put a levy on fossil fuel companies. They should pay for the crisis they created.

If your organisation would like to publicly support this rally please message us via the Facebook page.

This rally is supported by:
Geelong Trades Hall Council
Geelong Greens
Extinction Rebellion Geelong
Deakin Greens
Socialist Alliance Geelong
AYCC Geelong

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