Friday, July 20, 2018 - 16:00


The media continues to vilify and demonise our community year after year, it seems that we’ve been downgraded from people into juicy headlines guaranteed to raise viewership. We understand that a minority of our community has been involved in criminal activity, we do not at all condone their actions however they are not a representation of our community as a whole. 7 has attached themselves to one side of the story and refuse to offer balanced journalism, as a result our whole community has now been forced to live in a society, where all of us have been declared guilty of the crimes of a minority in the court of public opinion. We demand answers, justice, an apology and most of all, for our voices to be heard.

20th of July, 4:00 pm, Seven News Melbourne, 160 Harbour Esplanade, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3008.