BZE Plan for 100% renewables by 2020 - CLEAN Public Meeting & Discussion

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 - 18:30

BZE Plan for 100% renewables by 2020 - CLEAN Public Meeting & Discussion
11 August · 18:00 - 22:30
Duke of Brunswick Hotel
207 Gilbert St, Adelaide
Climate Emergency Action Network

The Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan, launched by Beyond Zero Emissions last month, provides a detailed blueprint for transitioning Australia’s stationary energy sector to 100% renewable energy sources by 2020.

The report shows that Australia can replace fossil fuel baseload electricity using renewable energy technology that is available today, with the additional investment required equal to about one cup of coffee ...per person per day.

The report’s findings blow the arguments for delaying climate action out of the water, and they are certain to spark debate about Australia’s energy present and future.

It has already received a large amount of media attention as well as support from a broad range of scientists, experts, politicians and public figures.

You can view the report at

This CLEAN social/educational meeting for August will include a presentation summarising the findings of the report, followed by a discussion around these findings and how we can best utilise this as a crucial tool in our campaign for 100% renewables by 2020, a demand that is absolutely necessary to achieve a safe climate future.

A must attend event for all people