Brisbane/Meanjin International Women's Day march

Over 300 people took part in the Brisbane/Meanjin International Women's Day rally and march at Emma Miller Place on March 10.

Speakers addressed issues including: women's rights at work, abortion rights; violence against women; justice for incarcerated women; justice for Aboriginal women (especially the case Ms Dhu); the inadequacies of family law; and the history of IWD.

The otherwise excellent rally was marred by a small group with transphobic signs (one of whom was invited onto the platform as an entertainer). A large number of rally participants responded by expressing their support for trans inclusion in various ways.

Full report here. More photos on the Green Left Facebook page. Video here.

"78ers" - participants in the 1978 IWD march in Brisbane that defied Joh Bejelke Petersen's anti-protest laws - led the IWD march in Brisbane
Adela Brent, rally co-chair
Womens Abortion Rights Campaign
Activists putting positive messages in front of offensive transphobic signs that were brought to IWD
"Girls just want to have Fun-damental rights"
Ros McLennan from Queensland Council of Unions
History of IWD
Trans women are women
Queensland Teachers Union at IWD
Decriminalise sex work
Part of a WILPF performance at the rally

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