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Summer of Love - Looks at the hippy district of San Francisco's Haight Ashbury during the summer of 1967, which had utopian beginnings born of idealistic youths who'd grown up with post-WWII affluence but were now dealing with Vietnam, racism, and the threat of nuclear annihilation. SBS, Friday, November 21, 7.30pm.

Taking on the Taliban: The Soldiers' Story - It was hoped that British forces would leave Afghanistan without firing a shot. Instead they've been involved in the most ferocious fire-fights since the Korean War with more than 50 soldiers killed. SBS, Monday November 24, 1.30pm.

The Howard Years: Whatever It Takes - John Howard entered his second term determined to secure his 20-year vision of tax reform. But in his victory speech, the seeds of discontent with his treasurer were sown and, over the next nine years, would continue to grow. ABC, Monday, November 24, 8.30pm.

Bomb Harvest - Explores the work and relationships within a bomb disposal unit on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Southern Laos - the most heavily bombed place in world history. ABC, Monday, November 24, 11.30pm.

Heat - For years, big business - from oil and coal companies, to electric utilities, to car manufacturers - has resisted change to environmental policy and stifled the debate over climate change in the US and around the world. SBS, Tuesday, November 25, 8.30pm.

Rosa's Story - Unlike the celebratory climate of 2000, life in East Timor is now violent and democracy is fragile, and one of the world's youngest nations faces an uncertain future. This story of an East Timorese woman, Rosa, begins in 2006 when violence breaks out in East Timor and Rosa and thousands of others are forced to flee to refugee camps. SBS, Wednesday, November 26, 8.30pm.

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