Bob Katter’s homophobia is abhorrent, says socialist candidate

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bob Katter’s homophobia is abhorrent, says socialist candidate

The Socialist Alliance Queensland released the statement below on March 15.

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Liam Flenady, Socialist Alliance candidate for the seat of South Brisbane in the March 24 Queensland elections, has slammed the TV ad by Bob Katter's Australian Party (KAP) that attacked Liberal National Party (LNP) leader Campbell Newman over the equal marriage issue. "The advert is homophobic and abhorrent to all decent human values," Flenady said.

“The KAP ad attacks Newman for his supposed personal support for gay marriage. It undermines and demeans the rights of gay and lesbian people to have their relationships recognised legally, just like any other couple in our society.

“Bob Katter's brother Carl was right on the money when he said: 'My brother talks about family values. Well, I'm here to tell him that hate is not a family value.’

“Katter and his colleagues in the Queensland branch of the KAP seem intent on returning to the dark days of the Joh Bjelke-Petersen regime in this state. We need to go forward to a new, humane era of equal rights, not go back to the conservative and divisive policies of the past.

“That said, Newman is himself hypocritical on the gay civil unions issue. When asked, he said, ‘We would be looking at [repealing civil union legislation] if we become the government.’ He is obviously caving in to the strong Christian right lobby in the LNP on this vital matter.

“The ALP is also two-faced on the equal marriage rights question, enacting civil unions laws in Queensland, but refusing to support necessary legislation for full equal marriage rights at the federal level.”

Flenady said: “The Socialist Alliance, on the other hand, supports full marriage equality for all.”

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Well, opposition to Gay marriage is still something that people have a right to express. It's not homophobic to oppose an extension to the marriage act. One that states that marriage is between a man and a woman.

You are not allowed to suppress people rights to voice their opinion - yet. Katters ad was factual - nothing more, nothing less.

It is obviously homophobic to oppose non-heterosexual couples having the same rights as hetero couples. I don't know why bigots think that if they declare their views are not homophobic or racist or sexist or whatever people won't notice the bigotry.

Likewise, an article putting an alternative to the bigoted crap that predominates in the highly monopolised corporate mainstream media isn't suppressing anyone's right to voice their opinion.

Because of the effective campaigners by supporters of equal marriage rights views less bigoted than Katter's are beginning to make headway in the mainstream.

What the anonymous bigot commenting above demonstrates is that when bigots talk about free speech what they really want is the silencing of any voices other than their own stupid, bigoted views.

defiantly not he is a bigoted red neck how is homophobic and fact that he so open about in wean the
Liberal nationals party are as well but more surreal about it fact are that i got family how are gay and lesbian was affected by the adds he losing unionise backing for his party to go so low to aping to a bunch of red necks in bush wear are sill in 1954 not 2012 so call Christensen values that say that woman have no rights to abortion we by Sam bullock Brisbane

Where did I say that I was opposed to Gay marriage and am therefore a bigot? I didn't (but you projected anyway didn't you?). All I stated is that it is peoples right to not support Gay marriage and their view is no less valid or worthy than yours. Where are the calls for silencing the proponents for Gay marriage? Haven't seen any!

I actually don't care whether Gay marriage is legalised or not. But its articles like this one that denounce others right to their opinion that I detest.

People should have a right to express a view on whether or not they support gay marriage. To argue otherwise is sheer bigotry and ugly intolerance.

However the ad in question did not just affirm that the Katter Australian Party opposes gay marriage like all the other parties seeking government at the time. It was designed in a way that it was insulting to gays. That should be condemned.

In fairness though fine details of ads are prepared by ad agencies not political parties so the finger might not be pointing in the right direction for the most offensive aspect of it.