Auschwitz Admonishes


Auschwitz Admonishes

em= By Denis Kevans

["Auschwitz admonishes" — Pope John Paul II]

"Auschwitz admonishes"

Pope John Paul says it's so,

"Auschwitz admonishes",

The Popentate says so.

And Maidanek's a caution,

I'm sure the Pope'll know,

And Birkenau's a niggle,

Pope John says it's so.

And Buchenwald and Flossenburg,

Admonish us as well,

And Sobibor and Ravensbruck,

Where people died in hell.

Mauthausen, Natzweiller,

Dachau in a row,

Sachsenhausen and Belzec,

Treblinka and Chelmno.

Belsen and Neuengamme,

Stutthof, any more?

Theresienstadt and Gross-Rossen,

Remember "Hitler's War"?

"Auschwitz admonishes"?

It is a word to fear,

How many Nazis got away,

A grin from ear to ear?

Away through Papal corridors,

For Pius was their mate,

With passports and identities

Stamped by the Papal state?

"Auschwitz admonishes",

It's in His book you know,

"Auschwitz admonishes",

Pope John Paul says it's so.

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