Arab Film Festival



12:00am Friday 30 July to 12:00am Saturday 31 July


This festival provides a platform for emerging, developing and established Arab filmmakers to show their screen-based work to broad audiences. The Festival has become an internationally recognised event attracting film entries from all over the world. Films have been selected from the Middle East, United States, Europe and Australia. We are excited about the quality of films available for the Festival this year - action-packed drama, documentaries, thrillers and a collection of experimental and animated shorts. This year we will also launch a collection of home-made films screened to a live musical score by talented local Oud player Mohamed Youssef. "We are jam-packed with diverse Arab stories, from Morocco via Beirut, on the way through Kuwait, passing through Palestine and then across the Pacific to Australia. We bring you a collection of films - shorts, features and contemporary animations to share the stories and experiences of Arab people." Fadia Abboud, Festival Co-Director. Dendy Cinemas Portside