Anti-sweatshop activists shame Sussan




MELBOURNE — A lively protest of about 30 anti-sweatshop activists targeted the headquarters of women's clothing retailer Sussan on September 5, parking a huge mobile billboard outside the building featuring a woman throwing up and the message, "at Sussan the conditions for outworkers will make you sick".

The activists from Fairwear, a group which campaigns for decent working conditions in the garment industry, carried placards and flags bearing the slogan "No Sweatshops",

The group's Annie Delaney told Green Left Weekly that Sussan has to date refused to open their contracting charts to reveal where their clothes are made and has publicly refused to be accredited under the Homeworkers/Outworkers Code of Practice even though they have signed the code.

"Fairwear is publicly shaming Sussan because they have reneged on putting their commitment into practice. Sussan are to the Australian clothing industry what Nike is to global sweatshops."

In the November 2000 National Inquiry into Outwork, Sussan was frequently cited by outworkers as the label for which they either did not get paid or were underpaid for work done.

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