And so then what's Resistance magazine?


You're looking at it. This is our latest initiative — four pages (and the back cover) in Green Left each week specifically covering issues and features of concern to young people, by and for young people.

Here's what you can expect:

  • features and exposés — like next week on young people and police powers;

  • the real story on all sorts of things — don't miss the feature on "Who is the real Gough Whitlam?";

  • the stories behind the token mainstream coverage — like what really happened in East Timor;

  • news and views on campaigns and happenings;

  • activist experiences and ideas from uni, high school, TAFE, the work force;

  • international interviews — wait for the one with the leaders of the French high school revolt;

  • news on Resistance, our new initiatives, snippets of news and anecdotes;

  • the ideas of socialism explained, the history of our movement laid out for all to see;

  • a cartoon character of our very own — yep, a little black sheep who rebels against the flock; and

  • (the ever present) lots, lots more.

And it's interactive. If you've got an idea or you want to write up an issue which affects you, or you want to tell the world about some campaign or event, send it in.

This will be a magazine which builds on the successes of Green Left, as an independent newspaper, and on those of Resistance, as an organisation — and combine them into something more.

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