‘General’s son’ condemns Israeli oppression, supports BDS

“For the good of both peoples, the Separation Wall must come down, the Israeli control over the lives of Palestinians must be defied so that a secular democracy where all Israelis and Palestinians live as equals can be established in our shared homeland," says Miko Peled, Israeli writer and peace activist.

Peled gave a public lecture, sponsored by the Queensland Council of Unions, under the theme, "Moving towards a democracy in Israel/Palestine," at the TLC building here on September 23.

Peled is the son of one of Israel's most famous generals, Matti Peled, who went from Israeli war hero to peacemaker. Miko Peled's new book, The General's Son, will be released early next year.

"This is a crucial moment in the Middle East," Peled told the audience of around 80 people. He noted the recent controversy around the boycott, sanctions and divestment (BDS) campaign to boycott Israeli-owned chocolate shop Max Brenner in Australia.

The fact that it's a "Jewish business" has got "nothing to do with it," Peled said. Max Brenner, which is part of the Strauss group of companies, "supports a terrorist organisation, the Golani Brigade," which was involved in the massacres of Palestinian refugees in Beirut, and the invasion of the Gaza Strip in 2008.

"Australians should boycott any business, Jewish or not, which supports the Israeli military," Peled said.

"Israel has been on a mission to destroy the Palestinian people for over six decades. Why would anyone not give solidarity to the Palestinian people?"

He gave a summary of the history of Israeli attacks on the Palestinians, from 1948 on. The original expulsion of the Palestinians from their land was "a systematic ethnic cleansing of people from their homes.”

He said the Israeli invasion of Gaza in December 2008 is "etched in my memory as a day of shame for the Jewish people.

"Israel has no intention of giving up any part of its territory. Zionism and peace are incompatible.

"Where is there going to be a viable Palestinian state established? The only viable solution is a united, non-racial state -- a free, pluralistic democracy.

"To claim that the BDS movement is anti-Semitic is shameless. Israel and its military have committed war crimes.

"People of conscience must embrace BDS," he added. "Boycott and sanctions are totally legitimate tactics in trying to stop this Israeli armed juggernaut.”


Christian Coptics are being killed daily in Egypt, however you never talk about that.
Muslims are killing Muslims all over the World, Muslims are killing non Muslims (Infidels) all over the World & again you do not talk about this.

The BDS is so old fashion, you are so out of date / the war was a very long time ago, the Arabs started 7 wars and lost all 7. be a go sport, lose with some respect.

Help the young people of the Middle East "all of it" become free of the Islamic rule of law (or lack of it).
Help free the young people of the Middle East / to get away from the control of Islamism and it total control from birth to death.

Kudos to this courageous young Israeli for speaking up against Israel's brutal apartheid regime against Palestinians.

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