GLW Calendar, 2016-07


Justice for the children tortured in Don Dale and all prisons

Date: Sat 30 Jul, 2:00pm

Emergency rally - justice for the children tortured in Don Dale and all prisons Parliament House - Adelaide Sack the NT Government, sack the guards - lay charges now Stop stealing children - build communities not prisons Self-determination now! This emergency rally will demand an end to the incarceration of children and self-determination for Aboriginal people. We need to build on the outrage and take forward the ongoing struggles against the racist police, prison and ‘child protection’ systems. #BuildCommunitiesNotPrisons If you'd like to speak out about this issue at the rally, please let us know. Tauto Sansbury - 0403 165 193 Latoya Rule - 0413 931 441


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Film screening: National Bird.

Date: Sat 30 Jul, 1:00pm

Saturday, July 30 In Afghanistan, a shadow war is being waged both in the sky and on the ground; a war whose soldiers are invisible, ruthless and almost entirely unaccountable. This is the age of the drone and Afghanistan is the experimental field on which the ethics and possibilities of a deadly new technology are being determined. This documentary follows three former drone operators as they struggle to come to terms with the murderous effects of their actions. 1:30pm. ACMI, Federation Square.

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Film screening: Fire at Sea.

Date: Sun 31 Jul, 1:30pm

Sunday, July 31 Master documentary maker Gianfranco Rosi's wrenching, humane and timely survey of Europe's refugee crisis. Swapping large canvases for an intimate, quiet portrait of a people wrestling with the impossible and the incomprehensible, Rosi's film is filled with startling beauty and quiet humour – a necessary antidote to the inhumanity and the hysteria, and essential viewing for an Australia where the lives of the world's desperate have come to count for so very little. 1:30pm. Comedy Theatre, 240 Exhibition St, City.

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Perth and Fremantle

Rally! Oppose Fascism and the Far Right

Date: Sat 30 Jul, 1:00pm

Rally! Oppose Fascism and the Far Right Saturday, July 30 at 1 PM Murray Street Mall - Perth CBD Hosted by United Against Bigotry and Racism

Santiago de Cuba Carnival

Date: Sat 30 Jul, 7:00pm - Sat 30 Jul, 11:00pm

Celebrating Cuba's July 26 and Fidel's 90th birthday. Featuring the Latin Fusion dance band. Navy Club Fremantle (Cnr High & Packenham Streets). Tickets $20 pre-sale ans $25 on the door. Organised by the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society.

Phone: 0419 812 872


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