Sunday June 17, 12noon. Meet Leightonfield station.

Rally at Botany Bay Hotel, 1807 Botany Rd, and march to Patrick Terminal

MUA dockers at Patrick Port Botany are fighting hard to defend their jobs, their union and their enterprise agreement. Chris Corrigan, maritime industry boss who led the attack on the MUA at Patrick in 1998, is back and once again trying to break the power of the union. His company Qube have established a fenced yard inside the Patrick terminal with non-MUA labour, being paid well below wharfies wages to do wharfies work.

Public forum with guest speaker from Venezuela, Ruben Pereira, the Coordinator of ALBA’s Council of Social Movements. He is visiting Australia this month to speak about the Council of Social Movements’ work to strengthen people’s power and unity in the struggle against neoliberalism and imperialism, and for social justice, peace, social security and self-determination, in harmony with nature.
Club Room, Teachers Federation, 23-33 Mary St, Surry Hills.
Hosted by the Venezuelan Embassy in Australia.Supported by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network and the Latin America Social Forum.

Max Brenner - and its owner company, the Strauss group - openly and 'proudly' support and fund the Israeli military and the occupation of Palestine. Organised by Students for Palestine

Meet at Parramatta Town Hall, near Parramatta Station

October 11, 6.30pm at the Community Hall of the Gleneaon Rudolph Steiner School, Castlecrag Campus in Edinburgh Rd..

Guest Speakers include Amir Javan, resettled refugee, who will share his story of fleeing persecution, his time in detention and creating a new life in Sydney and three short films of five minutes each. The forum will be chaired by Fabia Claridge

In 1961, barely two years after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the country mobilised a mass literacy campaign with few parallels in the twentieth century. It has since been influential in national literacy campaigns in Chile during the Allende years and Sandinista Nicaragua, popular education in Colombia and El Salvador, and most recently in East Timor and Venezuela. This public forum will reflect critically on the Cuban campaign on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, in a comparative international context. Around one-third of the forum will be allocated to audience contributions.

142 Addison Road Marrickville, Sydney.
Addison Road - Community Centre
Come join us at the Addison Road Community Centre to celebrate highlights of the first year of the Abbott fight back. Tasty classic Argentinian Asado BBQ and GLW TV highlights from 2014.

For more than 50 years Cuba has been carrying out a socialist revolution. Cuba's tremendous humanity and internationalism has shown that Stalinist bureaucratic degeneration is not inevitable. Yet today Cuba faces arguably its biggest challenge - a severe economic crisis. This discussion will look at the context of the crisis, it's causes, and the measures being proposed by the Cuban government.

Resistance Centre, 23 Abercrombie St, Chippendale.

For pre-reading, see Cuban Revolution: challenges and changes

Saturday, October 26, 10.30am till 5pm
Resistance Centre & Bookshop
22 Mountain Street St, Ultimo
Hosted by Sydney district of Socialist Alliance

This one-day seminar will investigate the origins of women's oppression and how Marxism provides a useful framework to understand and fight women's ongoing oppression. Featuring workshops on women's oppression today, feminism through Marx and Engels, women in the Bolshevik and Cuban revolutions, the fight for reproductive rights, feminism and the workers' struggle, and how women can win their liberation.

Sydney Opera House

The Democratic Kurdish Community Centre has called this protest against the ongoing military attacks on Afrin by Turkish armed forces and Turkish-supported Syrian militia groups. Afrin is an autonomous canton in the the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria - Rojava. For more background see this article by Tony Iltis in Green Left Weekly.


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