Bring your friends, banners and placards! In the lead-up to the federal election, we're asking Australia's political
leaders to: "Walk with the people, not the big polluters" Let's put an end to the political delays and backflips on climate action, rising pollution and the free ride for the big polluters. Organised by the Nature Conservation Council.

Belmore Park, across the road from Central Station.

Forum with Greens Councillor for Marrickville, Cathy Peters, just returned from an Union Aid Abroad (APHEDA) study tour of Palestine; Michael Coleman, Australian delegate on Freedom Flotilla 2 and Freedom Waves boat Tahrir, abducted by the IDF; and Patrick Harrison, Green Left Weekly journalist, just returned from volunteering for three months in Palestine. Live music, spoken word performance from Soul Beats, L Fresh, Mohammed Youssef. Admission $12/$6 with wine, food. Resistance Centre 22-36 Mountain St, Ultimo. Fundraiser presented by Free Gaza Australia & Green Left Weekly.

142 Addison Road Marrickville, Sydney.
Addison Road - Community Centre
Come join us at the Addison Road Community Centre to celebrate highlights of the first year of the Abbott fight back. Tasty classic Argentinian Asado BBQ and GLW TV highlights from 2014.

A provocative exhibition on the 40th anniversary of the shooting of unarmed students during an anti-Vietnam war protest at Kent State University, in which 4 people were killed. Launched by investigative journalist Bacon on May 13 @ 6pm, University Art Gallery, War Memorial Arch, northern entrance to the Quadrangle, Camperdown Campus.

Manning Bar, Sydney University

Here's the fourth event of an 8 weeks series of meetings on Socialism and Resistance today.  The presenter for this event will be Rachel Evans. We'll be discussing the following issues:

- How do workers and unions organise?
- Social movement and working class power

All welcome! For more informations call Rachel Evans 0403 517 266.

Facebook event

With the High Court ruling out the Government's planned 'Malaysia Deal', now is a crucial time to press for humane refugee policy rather than further scapegoating. Join Resistance in visiting Villawood Detention Centre to see first hand the conditions for asylum seekers, to lend your support and to struggle for refugee rights. Meet at noon at Leightonfield station or 1230pm at Villawood Detention Centre.

The Physical Disability Council of NSW is running a new initiative called Community Conversations, it’s a series of meet-ups across the inner west where people can discuss issues and concerns about their local community.

It’s not specifically about disability and is open to everyone, although we’re hoping it will touch on ways that the inner west can be more inclusive and accessible.

The conversations are open to everyone in the local community and cover a diverse range of topics, and are not disability specific.

"Slutwalk" began after a Toronto Police representative put the responsibility for assault and rape of young women on the way that they dressed or acted, saying they should not walk around "like sluts". Yet rape and assault - which occurs overwhelmingly in dwellings and by people known to the victim, not by shadowy figures in dark alleys - is not about what a women wears or even sex. Rape is about power and the treatment of women as second class citizens.

One year since the death of President Hugo Chavez (March 5), Fred Fuentes, who recently returned from hosting a solidarity brigade to Venezuela, will report on prospects for building socialism in that country and the initiatives Venezuela has taken in the Latin American region.

Resistance Centre, 22 Mountain Street, Ultimo (close to Broadway Shops). Phone Pip on 8070 9331. Delicious meal available from 6pm.

NSW Parliament House, Macquarie St, Sydney


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