Perth and Fremantle

Diana Buttu is one of the most eloquent and effective spokespersons for the Palestinian cause, representing a voice of reason, the empowerment of Palestinian women, and the essential value of justice in finding a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Ross Lecture Theatre, Physics building, UWA

Carolus Wimmer is a respected Venezuelan revolutionary, speaking in Perth.

Maritime Union Hall, 2-4 Kwong Alley, North Fremantle.

Hosted by the Communist Party of Australia.

Saturday May 30 at 7pm
Matagarup First Nations Refugee Camp (Heirisson Island)

Concert for Matargarup – ‘Refugees on our Homelands’
A grassroots concert is being held May 29 to raise awareness and to send a powerful message that the State Government should not countenance any closures to Homelands (remote communities) and nor add to the homelessness that they do ever so little about.

Timely screening of the film that highlights the dangers of hydrolic fracturing - "fracking" - for unconventional gas. The frackers are already busy exploring WA for unconventional gas. This screening is part of a campaign to ensure it does not take hold in WA.

6:30pm for picnic meal
7:30pm for movie

Painted Fish Cafe, 37 Hulbert St, South Fremantle

Organised by No Fracking WAy

Tony Abbott, Scott Morrisson and Bob Carr all claim that Sri Lanka is "at peace". What's the real situation on the ground? Speakers include Sarah Ross (Refugee Rights Action Network activist), Garry Holliday (Socialist Alliance and Tamil rights activist) and Dr Brian Senewiratne (long-time Sinhalese supporter of Tamil rights): Fremantle Workers Club 9 Henry St.

Gig for Gaza! w/ Doctopus, Doublethink Prism & more

Wednesday, July 25 at 8 PM

Mojos Bar

237 Queen Victoria St, Fremantle

Hosted by Gaza Children's Cinema

Film screening about the Cuban experience of urban organic agriculture and sustainable living. Also includes information about solidarity brigades to Cuba

City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth

Presented by Australia-Cuba Friendship Society

Reclaim the Night is an annual march to raise awareness around and to demand an end to violence against women. Kings Square, Fremantle.

The demands around this years event are:

- Stop violence against women
- Economic security for all women
- Active consent, end victim blaming

People of all gender identities and expressions are welcome.

Community forum with speakers including: Jim Sharp (ASeTTs), Peter Wilkie (Refugee Rights Action Network), Adam Janali (former asylum seeker) and representatives of ALP and Liberals.

Armadale District Hall, Less Hall, Jull St, Armadale.

Organised by the Human Rights Alliance.

Walk for Noongar Language
Saturday July 8 @ 9am

1317 Albany Highway, Cannington


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