Perth and Fremantle

On Saturday, May 16, FOPWA will be holding our annual Perth rally marking the Nakba (or catastrophe); the day in 1948 when 700 000 Palestinians were driven from their homes, with hundreds of villages being destroyed, as the state of Israel was being founded. The annual demonstrations mark a day of commemoration. Yet, they are also a protest against the ongoing dispossession and oppression of the Palestinian people today, from the periodic bombardment of Gaza, to the expansion of illegal settlements, to the inhumane treatment of Palestinian political prisoners.

Perth Student Protest - No Cuts to Funding

Tuesday August 8 @ 2pm

Forrest Chase, Perth CBD

Hosted by Make Education Free Again

Perth Activist Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St. East Perth

Public forum with Fred Fuentes. Bolivia is the site of the first indigenous revolution of the 21st century. It was also the only country to reject the dodgy climate deal at Cancun. This forum will discuss hte latest developments.

Perth Activist Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St, East Perth (next to McIver station).

Hosted by Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alliance and Resistance meeting discussing current developments in Iran, Syria and Uganda and whether Western intervention can bring democracy or justice.

Perth Activist Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station).

One in three women on the planet - one billion women - will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. This event will protest all violence against women and girls.

Gather: Level 6, 455 Hay St, Perth

A new film by Oliver Stone.

Windsor Cinema, 98 Stirling Highway, Nedlands

Pre-purchase tickets essential
$15 or $20 solidarity
Ph 9218 9608, 0413 976 638
(fundraiser for Green Left Weekly)

Speaker: Jamie Ally on "Large scale renewables in an urban environment - the story of the Fremantle Wind Farm project".

City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi St, West Perth (next to City West station).

6 for 6:30pm. Hosted by Sustainable Energy Now.

Tuesday October 21 @ 6pm
Stirling Gardens, Perth

A candlelight vigil will be held at Stirling Gardens for the death of Mayang Prasetyo. People can bring their own candles, but there will be candles supplied on the night as well.

Mayang Prasetyo was living with her long term partner in Tenerife, Brisbane, when he murdered her and brutalised her body. This kind of spousal violence is all too common, and has deprived a kind, vibrant young woman of her life.

Self described democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has won wide support for his call in the US presidential elections for a "political revolution" against Wall Street and the "billionaire class". In this election year in Australia, this forum will canvass if socialism is coming back on to the agenda and if radical social change can win mass support here.

Perth Activist Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station)

Organised by Socialist Alliance.


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