Groundswell is a proposed mobilisation across all of Australia, aiming to build commitment in the Australian community to initiate the transformation of the Australian economy by 2020 to drive the restoration of a safe climate; and to catalyse the election of governments that accept the need for urgent action to restore a safe climate and are committed to take action on the timescale required.

Climate Action Centre, 5th Floor, New Building, Trades Hall, cnr Lygon & Victoria Sts, Carlton.

Ted Baillieu (the Victorian premier) will be attending a gala dinner with the Israeli ambassador to Australia to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel. For Palestinians this anniversary is something to mourn as the 'Nakba' (the catastrophe) as it saw the mass explusion of Palestinians from their home and land. Students for Palestine invites you to join us outside this event to demonstrate our outrage at these individuals celebrating the ethnic cleansing of a population. 5:30pm. The Hotel Windsor, 111 Spring St, City.

The idea is to focus on stopping sexual violence, overt and subtle sexism, violence against women, and all forms of oppression of women. The group will be inclusive of gender, men and women both wanted at the group, especially men who want to find ways to stop sexism and the trend of making women uncomfortable at Occupy. 5pm. City Square, cnr Swanston & Collins Sts, City. For more info visit Occupy Melbourne.

Wednesday, June 25

The initial title was going to be School Chaplains should eat entitled pensioners and children who test positve for drugs but it's a bit lenghthy so I shortened it to . . . Eat children. This age of entitlement should end. Who feel more entitled than children. Why should children not be eaten? It's a resource issue. They cost a joint strike fighter jet to educate. 7pm. Farouk's Olive, 711 High St, Thornbury.

Friday, December 5-Sunday, December 7

International speakers: Farooq Tariq ( Awami Workers Party, Pakistan); Shamikh Badra (Palestinian People's Party); ​Kesavan Vijayan (PSM, Socialist Party of Malaysia). Workshops will include: Resisting ecoside: climate change and capitalism; Rebuilding the radical university: Students and activism in the 21st Century, Revolution at the intersection: Socialism and intersectionality, Marxism: A guide to action. Organised by Resistance Young Socialist Alliance. To book visit Another world is possible. Trades Hall, 127 Myers St, Geelong.

CORRECTION: Address is Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth st, City

International guest speaker: Chon Kai Choo, a leader of the Socialist Party of Malaysia.

Victorian Trades Hall, Melbourne
The Turnbull Liberal-National governnment has:

  • Brought back the ABCC to cut wages, conditions and safety for construction workers; 
  • Slashed Sunday penalty rates for retail & hospitality workers; 
  • Allowed rampant wage theft by employers; 
  • Allowed exploitation of overseas workers to continue unchecked.

Enough is enough! Its time to stand up and fight back! 

Demand the right of community groups to have stalls at Barkly Square shopping centre

Cnr Sydney & Glenyon Rds, Brunswick
(outside the Mechanics Institute, next to free speech monument).

Union of Australian Women's Coffee with a focus.

Speaker: Jessica Morrison, who has just returned from a six-week trip to these countries.

$5. 4th floor, Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, City.


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