Northcote Uniting Church, 251 High St, Northcote.

Organised by Latin America Solidarity Network.

Saturday, October 11

The inspiring and moving story of five survivors of the Stolen Generations who grew up in children's homes in the Whitehorse area. Jack, Helen, John, Karen and Sharon share memories of the places they, as removed Aboriginal children, called home, of friendships forged as well as the challenges they face as adults. (52 min). 3pm. Yarran Dheran Info Centre, Mitcham (Mel 49 B6). For info ph 9719 7661 or 0409 519 829.

Documentary about Venezuela. 7pm. Democritus Workers League, 583 High St, Northcote. Donation at the door.

Public meeting: Ogaden youth & cultural day. The Somali people in the Ogaden region face daily brutality under the yoke of Ethiopia's oppressive government. In celebration of their resilience under such hardship, the Ogaden Youth & Students Union and the Ogaden community in Victoria invite you to a night of culture & entertainment. In this festive atmosphere, the struggles of the Somali people in the Ogaden will be translated through poetry, traditional dance, video screenings & speeches. 3:30-9pm. Fitzroy Town Hall, 201 Napier St, Fitzroy. Entry free. For more info ph A.

Wednesday, September 23

Weekends still mean something in Australia. Weekend penalty rates mean you can be compensated for working when everyone else is relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. Getting rid of weekend rates would mean a sudden pay cut to workers who can’t afford it, and don’t deserve it. But that's exactly what many employers are trying to do. They are demanding the Fair Work Commission cut weekend penalty rates. It's time to stand up and save our weekend. 12pm. Parliament, Spring St, City. Organised by United Voice.

Hear from environmentalists and view the latest plans for Australia's renewable energy revolution. The festival also features a market, showcasing hundreds of green solutions. Find out how you can help to restore a safe climate at the Sustainable Living Festival's big weekend at Federation Square.

Aims to increase awareness of key environmental issues by bringing together film-makers, experts, policy makers, politicians and the wider community in an open conversation about the world we live in.

Kino Cinema, 45 Collins St, City.

Monday, June 30

Offshore processing on trial! Come to a meeting where Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and the policy of offshore detention will be put on public trial. Speakers: Nicole Judge (ex-Manus Island worker), Daniel Webb (Human Rights Law Centre), Ian Rintoul (Refugee Action Coalition NSW). 6:30pm. Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St, City (opposite Victoria Markets). Organised by Refugee Action Collective.

Saturday, March 2

Anyone wanting to bring photos or other paraphernalia/ memorabilia are requested to contact organiser on email address below. Contributions towards the funeral fund are warmly welcomed. Food & drink available. 1-4pm (main event 2:30pm). Open microphone. Sunshine Cricket Clubrooms, JR Parsons Reserve, Stanford St, Sunshine (off Wright St, Sunshine). RSVP ASAP.

Featuring guest speakers from: Bolivia — Alina Sullcani, leader of the Indigenous and Rural Women Federation of Bolivia; El Salvador — Dr Guillermo Mata Bennett, FMLN representative in the lower house; Venezuela — Angel Navas, Electrical Workers Federation; Uruguay — Washington Belleti, Movement for Land Against Poverty. Victoria Trades Hall, Carlton. Ph 0421 957 341 or 0425 182 994 or email <>.


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