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ANZ Branch 219 Smith St, Collingwood

Blockade IMARC – For Climate Justice!
Promote this event far and wide.
The annual International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) will take place from 23 - 27 November 2020 and has been rescheduled as IMARC Online.
Although we can’t have a huge physical presence like last year, we can and will continue resisting the injustice and fighting for a better world.
IMARC online will be very similar to all the other IMARCs.

Sunday, August 30

Live at Estonian House with special guest Nazeem Hussain. Juice Rap News is an online show that provides a broader, saner context and analysis of current affairs, media and politics — all via the medium of rap, music and comedy — revolutionizing the news with a unique and riotous collision of radical satire, rigorous research, righteous beats, and razor-sharp rhymes. 1pm. Estonian House, 43 Melville Rd, City.

Kirkby and Crosthwaite will present a talk on their first 'Journey for Climate Justice' - empowering twenty-one young people to become environmental leaders on a twelve day eco-adventure down the Kelani River in Sri Lanka.

New International Bookshop Event, Trades Hall, Cnr Lygon & Victoria sts, Carlton South

Drinks and snacks provided.
For this event please RSVP to, ring Jim on 0488 956 506 or Jack on 9890 3841.

11am. State Library, Swanston St, City.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has proclaimed his intention to massively deregulate Australian higher education in order to move towards the notorious American model. This will mean the privatisation and degradation of our universities and fee increases. 2pm. State Library, Swanston St, City. Organised by the National Union of Students.

For Local State Election Candidates
Northcote Town Hall

Email your questions to

It's time to dig in and help out a Footscray community icon who look after and service our community and provide for the most vulnerable. The good folk at Lentil have been doing it pretty tough financially for a while now, and it's time to give something back to these good folk who have given our community so much and looked after the most needy. They represent everything good about our home, helping the less fortunate, providing a diverse safe space, bringing people together, and being a great community icon that we can ill afford to lose.

Sunday, February 3

Pride March recognises and celebrates the people and events that inspire the courage, solidarity, pride, diversity and strong sense of community of Victoria's gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex and transgender people. We organise cultural activities that bring our community together in a safe and positive environment. The annual Pride March is our signature event and celebrates a bright future while preserving our history. Assemble from 12 noon. March 2pm sharp. Albert Park, cnr Lakeside Drive & Fitzroy St, St Kilda.


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