May 15, 12pm. Carlton Gardens

Multiple arrestee with Occupy Melbourne Sean Bedlam explores the psychological underpinnings of the authoritarian mindset with stand-up comedy. In other words: he f***s s*** up. Bring your awesomeness. 6:30pm. Station 59, 59 Church St, Richmond. Entry free.

Monday, August 17

Join the Refugee Action Collective to call for a halt to the pending deportations of asylum seekers on Manus Island who have been given notice of their deportation following the rejection of their claims. We urgently need to be able to add them to a high court case in PNG to stop this, and call on the Australian government to only remove asylum seekers from the hell hole of Manus Island to bring them to the Australian mainland where they can be processed and resettled into the community. 5pm. City Square, Swanston St, City. Organised by Refugee Action Collective.

Topic: The marriage ban should be extended to heterosexuals. Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton (downstairs).

Thursday, August 8, 7pm. Fitzroy Town Hall, 201 Napier St, Fitzroy. Truth-telling criminalised by our government & suppressed by our media. Speakers: Julian Assange, with WikiLeaks Party candidate (TBA); Bill Deller (3CR Radio Solidarity Breakfast show). $20/$10/$5 (3CR subscribers). Presented by WikiLeaks & 3CR Radio's Solidarity Breakfast Show.

Music, comedy, poetry, featuring The Fabric DJs, The Same Boat, A Rioting Mind, Littlefoot, The Accountants, Damian Callinan, Nelly Thomas, Josh Earl, Soreti Kadir, Benjamin Solah, Rikki Livermore. Artwork by Van Rudd.

Human rights day fundraising gig.

Organised by the Refugee Action Collective (Vic).

1-6pm. $15/$10.

At The Reverance Hotel, 28 Napier St, Footscray.

((We would love to have Melbourne activists engage with our work and are offering a 2 tickets for the price of 1 deal to help that happen.))

There are party politics, gender politics, class politics and moral conundrums to navigate and an unforgettable ‘Jane Fonda Workout’ integrated into the choreography. The pacing and dynamics are beautifully pitched. This is a piece that delights and surprises; thoroughly entertaining.
— The West Australian

Saturday, June 13

Video & book deal with historic 1980s struggle of women for employment at BHP's Port Kembla steel plant. Speakers include: Robynne Murphy (Jobs for Women activist, producer of the upcoming Jobs for Women film); Emma Kerin (National Union of Workers campaigns officer); Lalitha Chelliah (long-time feminist and socialist, an organiser of the historic 1986 nurses strike). 2pm. Electrical Trades Union, 200 Arden St, North Melbourne. Organised by Socialist Alliance & Green Left Weekly.


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