In 2001 the US announced the liberation of women as a significant reason for invading Afghanistan. Ten years later, have women's lives changed? Join us for the showing of I was worth 50 sheep, the compelling, award-winning documentary film by Swedish filmmaker Nima Sarvestani. Join us for an evening of learning and discussion with the opportunity to be part of creating change for Afghan women and girls.

6:30pm (for 7pm start).

1000 Pound Bend Cinema, 351 Little Lonsdale St, City.
$20/$15 & $25 solidarity.

Bookings essential.

Thursday, September 10

Abdi Aden is best known for his role on the SBS programme 'Go Back to Where You Came From'. In Shining he tells his story. 6:30pm (for 7pm start). VU Bar, Footscray Park campus, Building M. $15/$10.

Blind people from all over Australia are sending their white canes to the Victorian Blind Workers Union, to help them form a “white cane chain” around the workplace that Vision Australia plans to close down, sacking 50 blind people in Melbourne within a few weeks.

Join the protest at Vision Australia Enterprises, corner Stubbs and Macaulay Road Kensington, at 12 noon on Sunday September 15.

For further information and to offer support to blind workers please contact Martin Stewart at

Sunday, November 8

Initiative of the Australians for Palestine organisation that supports humanitarian efforts in Palestine. Join us in raising awareness and important funds to assist with these efforts. 10am. The Tan Running Track, Royal Botanic Gardens, Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra.

Monday, October 20

Speakers: David Spratt (author & climate activist), Paul Gilding (author), Mark Wakeham (Environment Victoria). 6:30pm. RMIT University, Building 80, Theatre 80.02.007, 445 Swanston St, City. Entry free. Please register your attendance online at Breakthrough. Presented by Environment Victoria and Sustainable Living Foundation.

Wednesday, October 15

Pro-public transport groups discuss plans for action in the lead-up the state election and beyond. 6pm. Multicultural Hub, Elizabeth St, City.

The Australian Defence League intends to hold a fascist rally at 12 noon, Federation Square, City. You may remember that the last time they tried this in Melbourne in March 2010, we held a rally against their rally and the nazis went home. So this time we have to stop them again.

Movement media veterans Marisa Sposaro and Alison Thorne will present an interactive workshop designed to help everyone, from complete novices to experienced operators, sharpen their skills.

$20/$10. Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

Proceeds will benefit the work of the host organisations. Presented by Indigenous Social Justice Association and Radical Women.

Wednesday, July 1

From July 1 the unemployed can be fined for failing to attend a 'job search' appointment with their Employment Service Provider. It's time to fight back! 470 Collins St, City (outside Max Employment). Organised by Australian Unemployment Union.

Friday, September 7

Poetry and music in tribute to Chilean People in struggle. 7pm. British Crown Hotel, 14 Smith St, Collingwood. $20 (includes dinner). Proceeds go towards the Latin American Grassroots Solidarity Conference November 2012 and to assist with the rent of the LASNET Space. Please confirm by Thursday, September 6 by calling 0425 539 149, to allow us to tell the venue how many people they will be catering for. And if you're vegetarian, etc, again please let us know in advance. Organised by Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET).


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