Wednesday, September 5

Rod Laver Arena.

Thursday, October 9

A group of La Trobe University students in Bendigo will hold a protest next week to express their concern for impending staff cuts. Protest organiser Natasha Joyce said she hoped about 100 students from different departments would attend the demonstration. 11am. La Trobe University, Bendigo campus.

Tecoma Primary School, Burwood Highway, Tecoma.

Come to a public meeting to help build the campaign to stop McDondalds opening a 24-hour store in Tecoma in the Dangenongs. This corporate development will wreck the local character and amenity of the area and we don't need to let profit-driven multi-nationals dominate our local area. The local community recently stopped the development of a large supermarket in the town but the struggle continues.

Tuesday, October 13

Special Q&A with Filmmaker João Dujon Pereira. Black Hole reveals unseen footage of coal, corruption and community resistance of one of Australia’s most controversial mining projects – Whitehaven’s Maules Creek Coal Mine in the Leard State Forest. Set against the backdrop of the mining industry’s ever-increasing thirst for fossil fuels, Black Hole is an intense and riveting exposé of the tensions between large corporations, the Australian government and the community. 6:30pm. Village Cinemas Karingal, 197 Karingal Drive, Frankston.

Speaker: Humphrey McQueen. His new book charts the history of Australian builders' labourers and their unions, from their early beginnings through to the radical days of the green bans and workers' control of the 60s.

New International Bookshop, Trades Hall, 54 Victoria St, Carlton South. $5/$2. Presented by New International Bookshop & Community Radio 3CR.

Friday, August 8

Guest speaker: Aili Labanino-Cardaso (activist & daughter of one of the Cuban 5). 7pm. New Council Chambers, Trades Hall, cnr Lygon & Victoria Sts, Carlton South. For more info on the Cuban 5, visit The Cuban Five.

-Ahmed Huwait (president, Federation of Muslim Students and Youth, and eyewitness to events in Cairo's Tahrir Square);
-Ali Sayed (Resistance).

The flames of revolution are spreading in the Arab world, led by young people fed up with repression, poverty & mass unemployment. Thomas Cherry Theatre (opposite Ian Potter Museum), Melbourne University.

Organised by Resistance

Bushfires, Corporate Greed and Climate, A Crisis of Capitalism.
Tuesday January 28th, 6.30pm (meal available from 6pm)
Resistance Centre, Level 5, 407 Swanston St , Melbourne CBD

The apocalyptic fires across Australia show how the federal government has failed miserably to prepare for the crisis or
mobilise the resources needed now. Their criminal negligence continues their refusal to respond to the ongoing climate emergency.

Both Coalition and Labor are putting the profits of the fossil fuel corporations ahead of a liveable planet.


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