This is your chance to see the documentary Guarding the Galilee and join the battle to stop the biggest coal mine in Australia. Followed by discussion. At the Stro at the University of New England, Armidale.

Wollongong is a unique city with a unique political history. This is the documentary tale of miners battling deadly working conditions, women fighting Australia's biggest company, activists jailed for resisting the Vietnam draft, and today's movement to stop coal seam gas. From strikes to community rallies, from work-ins to parliament occupation, it features activist participants from Wollongong's unemployed unions, communists forced to set up an underground organisation, the battle against 'Pig Iron Bob', and struggles for Aboriginal justice in the Illawarra.

The Manus Island mess continues. The refugees and asylum seekers, who are clearly Australia’s responsibility, continue to live in fear and insecurity. This is a disgrace.

You are invited to join the ARAR walkaround protest on Thurdsay morning from 9.15am to 9.45am. Just for half an hour.

Meet at the Dangar Street end of the Mall, outside the New England Hotel. There will be signs to carry (or bring your own) and we’ll walk through the Mall and then around other shopping places.

Meet at the Farmers Market and walk across the bridge to Curtis Park. Please register online and join on Facebook

It's the last Saturday of the month coming up and so we meet this coming Saturday outside the old Courthouse at 10.30.

Come for 5 minutes, come for the half hour.

We stand in silence.

Against militarism, against wars, & all forms of violence.

For peace. 

We will meet at Kent House, 142 Faulkner Street, Armidale. Friends and supporters welcome!

Armidale screening at 6.45 at the Belgrave – A new film reveals unseen footage of coal, corruption and community resistance of one of Australia’s most controversial mining projects – Whitehaven’s Maules Creek Coal Mine in the Leard State Forest. In light of Adani and Shenhua approvals and the government’s move to strip communities of the right to challenge government decisions, the film is especially pertinent. You must book tickets online.

Written in the blood of mineworkers and their families, 'Blood on the Coal' tells the story of Australia’s Queensland coalfields – one of the world’s richest energy resources and for 150 years a bitter industrial battleground. This story of struggle and tragedy features harrowing underground disasters and heroic rescues. The film traces a history of strikes, industrial turmoil as well as the current push by global mining giants to destroy regional communities and replace local mineworkers with a subservient itinerant workforce.

Drinks, toasts and dancing 'til late the Armidale Club, 91 Beardy Street, with Susan Prize, National Co-convener of the Socialist Alliance, The Organismics and Alpine Love Tiger.

This film is an important reminder of the lies and manipulation the United States and their allies use to discredit anyone who dares to state publicly that “trickle down” is in fact “gush up” and that there is an alternative to the destructive capitalist system.

Hugo Chávez said so and acted on it. The empire is keen to strike back and reverse any gains already made on the road to a just society based on solidarity and cooperation. As usual, the main stream media are complicit in spreading misrepresentations or outright lies — then and now.


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