Recently 5 council members out of 9 of the Campbelltown City Council in Adelaide voted against a motion to errect a flag pole to fly the Aboriginal flag alongside the australian, state and Campbelltown flags on the front lawn of the council chambers in Campbelltown. It is important to note that Mayor Brewer is for this motion and is passionate about this issue also (read the article).

Pro-Honduras film screening

On behalf of FMLN Adelaide Committee "Dr. Melida Anaya Montes", I am pleased to greet you and inform you that our Salvadorean Political Organisation will be screening the film "We are not afraid" in solidarity with our geographical neighbours of Honduras.

The venue will be as follows:
Date and time: Friday 27Th August 2010 at 6:30 PM
Building: Auditorium of Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU)
Location: 229 Greenhill Rd. Dulwich SA 5065
Contact: Aland C Quintana. Mobile 0400 923302

Rally for an Australian Iraq War Inquiry.
The decision to go to Iraq was taken against the clear will of the Australian people. Since then, the death tolls have topped 1,000,000 and chaos has gripped the entire region. Those who opposed the war were right in their political and moral instincts. To go to war so needlessly has left a festering wound of cynicism in the Australian psyche.

The Chilcot Report released in the UK adds official weight to the demand that we forget how much destruction has been reaped, and to ensure it never happens again.

Tribute to John Macumba evening
next Thursday, November 11.

There will also be tributes read from some of the people who worked and created with John.
John Macumba was laid to rest on his home Country on Thursday 21st October at Granite Downs.
The tribute evening will assist in raising funds for the Macumba family to cover the costs.
All money raised will go to the family.

TIME: 6 for 6.30 pm to 9pm Thursday, November 11
PLACE: The Paul Hughes Room Y2-58, Second floor,
Yungondi Building, City West campus, North Terrace Adelaide.

Parliament House, North Tce, Adelaide

After the amazing first rally in Adelaide we need to keep up the campaign for marriage equality and get the largest yes vote possible. Such a great start to the campaign should be followed up by a fantastic end, so join us again for another rally in the closing weeks of the postal survey and make sure our voices are heard!

Left Unity Consultation and Social Event,
Sat 29th Jan, 1pm, Semaphore Workers Club
93 The Esplanade, Semaphore.

Left Unity is an exciting new development in which several left groups have formed a network for joint action, statements, policy formation, and mutual support.... the first of its kind for some time!

Participating groups include: The Anticapitalist Forum, The Communist Party of Australia, Socialist Alliance, Organize!, and The Ecosocialist Convergence.

Many other unaffiliated individuals are also involved.

Location: Parliament House, North Tce

We cant let the government's disgusting new policy on refugees and asylum seekers carry on without protest!

Recently refugees from Sri Lanka have been the first to be 'Off-shored' to Nauru, and even more have been sent back to danger in Sri Lanka because they refused to be sent to Nauru. These people should be welcomed in Australia with open arms!

The Australian government is engaged in a chess-board game in the south pacific, shunting desperate people around as it sees fit.

The vile bigots of Reclaim Australia have called another rally. We sent them home with their tails between their legs last time, let's repeat that victory!

The Reclaim rallies have been created, and boosted, by the racist climate in Australia, where both the government and opposition agree on locking up refugees, bombing Syria, and pushing Islamophobia. These ideas can't go unchallenged. These rallies can't go ahead without a strong presence of anti-racists showing that we disagree with the politics of racism, and we disagree with Reclaim.

from Oil Dependence to Local Resilience - 'In Transition', supported by 'The Story of Stuff'
Come and see what the Transition fuss is all about. See how communities around the world are responding to peak oil and the climate crisis with creativity, imagination & humour, and how they are setting about rebuilding their local economies and communities. Local soup & organic bread available after film for $4

Masonic Hall, 66 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore
Presented by Transition Adelaide West
Donations collected at the door to cover costs

Join us for our monthly organising meeting, as we discuss our plans for the next few months, including the very exciting visit in late April of American anti-poverty activist and author, Linda Tirado.

There will also be an update from Ceduna, where locals are fighting the cashless debit card (Income Management on steroids), and we will be hearing from our northern suburbs and Port Adelaide groups.

Bring your ideas for projects and events, as we continue our fight against the welfare-bashers!! All welcome.


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