Rally against government plans to "trial" the cashless welfare debit card (the "Healthy Welfare Card") on unemployed people in Ceduna and other communities!! This is Income Management on steroids. An extreme version of a policy that has repeatedly failed and harmed people.

Rally against cuts to Family Tax Benefit B!!

This rally is part of a National Day of Action: other rallies will be held in Ceduna, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbana, and other location!!


Ark Tribe is a construction worker from South Australia facing six months in jail. He has been charged with not attending an interview with the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

Join Anti-Poverty Network SA and our guests in launching our campaign: 'It's Time To Raise Newstart!!'

The Australian Labor Party holds 'a fair go for all' as one of its key values. But they refuse to commit, clear and firmly, to raising the rate of Newstart.

With their National Conference in Adelaide this July, we think It's Time they had the conversation, and committed to a significant, long-overdue increase.

Recently 5 council members out of 9 of the Campbelltown City Council in Adelaide voted against a motion to errect a flag pole to fly the Aboriginal flag alongside the australian, state and Campbelltown flags on the front lawn of the council chambers in Campbelltown. It is important to note that Mayor Brewer is for this motion and is passionate about this issue also (read the article).

Friends of the Earth’s Feast of Film, a film festival about good food and
farming, is back for 2010! Over six weeks, the Feast of Film will offer
fortnightly screenings (on July 31, August 14 and 28) of some of the best
international films about good food, agriculture and community, including
the very special August 28 world premiere of ‘An Urban Orchard’, a
celebration of food gardening and sharing on the Adelaide Plains.

All screenings will be held at Unley Citizens’ Centre, 18 Arthur Street, Unley

Entry $5-$15 | Three screening pass $20.00

The idea of a Universal Basic Income has been making serious waves lately, and despite the strong vote against it in the recent Swiss referendum, it still has every sign of being an "idea whose time has come".

Or has it? I am inviting you to a public dissection of every pro and con I can dig up.

Tribute to John Macumba evening
next Thursday, November 11.

There will also be tributes read from some of the people who worked and created with John.
John Macumba was laid to rest on his home Country on Thursday 21st October at Granite Downs.
The tribute evening will assist in raising funds for the Macumba family to cover the costs.
All money raised will go to the family.

TIME: 6 for 6.30 pm to 9pm Thursday, November 11
PLACE: The Paul Hughes Room Y2-58, Second floor,
Yungondi Building, City West campus, North Terrace Adelaide.

Parliament House, North Tce, Adelaide

After the amazing first rally in Adelaide we need to keep up the campaign for marriage equality and get the largest yes vote possible. Such a great start to the campaign should be followed up by a fantastic end, so join us again for another rally in the closing weeks of the postal survey and make sure our voices are heard!

Left Unity Consultation and Social Event,
Sat 29th Jan, 1pm, Semaphore Workers Club
93 The Esplanade, Semaphore.

Left Unity is an exciting new development in which several left groups have formed a network for joint action, statements, policy formation, and mutual support.... the first of its kind for some time!

Participating groups include: The Anticapitalist Forum, The Communist Party of Australia, Socialist Alliance, Organize!, and The Ecosocialist Convergence.

Many other unaffiliated individuals are also involved.

This is Anti-Poverty Network SA's first organising meeting of 2018, open to all members and supporters, old and new.

Join us as we prepare for another year of fighting for those on low incomes.

We have plenty of major projects and events to work on, including our state election activities (the state election forum and a public transport campaign).


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