TOMORROW - Wednesday 23rd March, 6pm
Parliament House, North Tce, Adelaide

This event has been organised by LGBTIQ+ community members as part of a national week of action in response to recent attacks on Safe Schools Coalition.

This family-friendly rally to support same sex attracted, sex and/or gender diverse young people, will call on the Federal and State Governments to support the continuation of the Safe Schools Coalition in South Australia.

We say:
- No to dismantling Safe Schools!
- No to cuts to national funding and rollout of Safe Schools!

Israel Apartheid Awareness Week: Apartheid is Real
09 August at 09:00 - 13 August at 21:00
Location: Adelaide University

Thursday Aug. 12th, 6:00pm for a 6:30 start; “American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein”

Friday Aug. 13th 7:00 pm; Dr. Peter Slezak and Alex Whisson speak out @ “APARTHEID NOW: ETHICAL AND HISTORICAL DIMENSIONS”

Thursday 5th August lunchtime; Cheap and delicious felafels, rice and treats!

Rally for an Australian Iraq War Inquiry.
The decision to go to Iraq was taken against the clear will of the Australian people. Since then, the death tolls have topped 1,000,000 and chaos has gripped the entire region. Those who opposed the war were right in their political and moral instincts. To go to war so needlessly has left a festering wound of cynicism in the Australian psyche.

The Chilcot Report released in the UK adds official weight to the demand that we forget how much destruction has been reaped, and to ensure it never happens again.

Equal Love meetings are every Monday at 5:30pm.

Activist Centre, Rm 205, Lvl 2, 95 Currie St, city

Jason Virgo 0468 839 086 or James Vigus 0412 906 978

A night of music, poetry, rhythm & culture to support people-powered alternative media.
- SONS OF ZÖKU (psychedelic rock ) 
- ARGUS & THE LIAR  (Hip hop / folk)

Saturday January 22, lunch from 1pm, meeting from 1.30pm @ Adelaide Activist Centre, Level 2, 95 Currie St, Adelaide.

International Women's Day March Adelaide

When: Thursday 8th March, 5:30pm
Where: Hindmarsh Square

Every year on March 8 women* all over the world march together, to celebrate our successes, to fuel the fire and to remind people that we as collective communities will keep fighting until we win equality and justice. 

Location: Adelaide Activist Centre, Level 2, 95 Currie St

Hear a first-hand report from the historic Presidential elections that have just taken place in Venezuela which saw socialist President Hugo Chavez being voted in for a fourth term, with 54% of the vote and a record high voter turn out.

In the lead up to the elections, brigade participants from Australia and around the world took part in rallies in Caracas in which millions of people took to the streets in support of Chavez and the revolutionary process.


Rally against government plans to "trial" the cashless welfare debit card (the "Healthy Welfare Card") on unemployed people in Ceduna and other communities!! This is Income Management on steroids. An extreme version of a policy that has repeatedly failed and harmed people.

Rally against cuts to Family Tax Benefit B!!

This rally is part of a National Day of Action: other rallies will be held in Ceduna, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbana, and other location!!


Ark Tribe is a construction worker from South Australia facing six months in jail. He has been charged with not attending an interview with the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).


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